We are specialized in Piping, Civil and Structural Works, Electrical and Instrumentation, stainless food grade Tank Fabrication, Production Line Installation, Fire Suppression System, Food production process and design , Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Installations.

Equipment Installation and Maintenance, Installation of Steel Structures, Insulation, HVAC Installation, Electrical, and Instrumentation.

Our services are listed below but not limited to;


PPI Ltd. provides piping services for industrial use, we are able to cater to the supply needs of our client ranging from Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC and HDPE Pipes.

Electrical Installation and Instrumentation

Electrical power is a basic necessity in any production industry and the means and methods of production and distribution of power are just as important as it needs.

Mechanical Installation

We are experts in mechanical assembling, positioning, and Installation of equipment.  We are also your go-to company for routine equipment maintenance and overhauling.

Production Line Installation

We are trusted hands in this particular service area as we have installed several production lines for different companies in and outside the country over the years.

Civil and Structural Fabrication

Our structural experts are ready and available to take on whatever civil/structural projects, size will not be a limitation, as we have repeatedly deliver on major

Fire Suppression Systems

Property protection is important to every business, which is why we have chosen to also provide fire protection services to our clients, our services extend beyond fire

Water Treatment Installation

Water is key in most production processes, and its wide application makes its usage indispensable in most industries. Water can be used as a cooling medium

Tank Fabrication

Tanks have wide range of application, which makes them have different configuration and sizes. We have are well vast in tank fabrications and installation.

HVAC Installation

We provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for spaces

Procurement (Global)

Our service is structured to help individuals, businesses and organizations maximize their investments by providing an impeccable value and reliable service.

Design and installation

Service description goes here…